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New artwork- Abstract series summer June - July, 2021

Abstract Art Art Inspirations Chinese Ink Art

New artwork- Abstract series summer June - July, 2021

New artwork- Abstract series summer June - July, 2021 AA_0721-2021_Cancer Awareness Series 1-3 Art info:  Size: 8.3"x11.7" Year: 2021 Medium: Acrylic on Acrylic Paper This art series is to raise awareness of cancer and it depicts the constant cellular changes of cells from being healthy to malignant and vice versa. The artist wishes to contrast the good and the bad that is working behind the picture in the human body, when city dwellers are busy working engaging in their everyday life. This abstract art series show the fluid evolution of human cells and how your mood swings can affect your physical health and the...

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人間無淨土 只有土中荷 (The Eternally Blissful Lotus Flower)

Art Inspirations Chinese Ink Art Floral Art Lotus Flower Meditation Phone Cases

人間無淨土 只有土中荷 (The Eternally Blissful Lotus Flower)

人間無淨土 只有土中荷 (The Eternally Blissful Lotus Flower)

New Chinese Ink paintings artwork is released. Check out our latest peaceful Chinese ink art work that is inspired by the idea of grounding earth and meditative bliss.

The earth plays a crucial symbolic role to achieve the highest transcendental meditative state in Buddhism that is often symbolized with a lotus flower. When we can learn, grow from past mistakes, and let go of the control from all pain and sufferings that are imposed on us, we will be able to attain the highest level of eternally blissful meditative state and become free. The earth or mud symbolizes all human sufferings such as disease, evil, and pain. The mud is dirty, impure, and often ugly. But yet, it’s also full of micro-organisms and insects that can decompose and regenerate living plants, such as the unexpected beautiful lotus flowers we see in this painting. The earth is a powerful energy force that is full of nutrients. The mud can naturally help breakdown and decompose the old and help us welcome new life, lead to true happiness, and possibly create the rebirth of new beginnings.

Here, the mud, or simply, painful sufferings, serves as huge lessons learned as we continue the life journey. All mankind’s misfortune and illness, as one encounter in life can teach big powerful life lessons. Hopefully, one can learn, grow, and breakthrough, so one can practice detachment of the outcome and become free. When we are ready to learn from past mistakes and let go, we can continue to blossom like this elegant blissful lotus flowers and continue to smile and glow again.  

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合奏三 | Symphony 3 Exhibition | White Box Studio | Hong Kong

Art Exhibition Art Inspirations Group Show Hong Kong

合奏三 | Symphony 3 Exhibition | White Box Studio | Hong Kong


合奏三 | Symphony 3  白盒之友第三屆會員作品展暨塞爾維亞藝術作品邀請展 | 3rd White Box Friends Exhibition and invitation exhibition of Serbian artists' works

合奏三 | Symphony 3

白盒之友第三屆會員作品展暨塞爾維亞藝術作品邀請展 | 3rd White Box Friends Exhibition and invitation exhibition of Serbian artists' works


Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre
30 Pak Tin Street
Shek Kip Mei Hong Kong

Dates/ Times:
05 October 2018
7pm - 9pm
06 - 08 October 2018
10am -7pm 
Address: L1 Gallery, L0 Gallery
Central Courtyard

Today I would like to write about my experience with this art exhibition that was held at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Arts Center. I have been an artist at the White Box Studio for a couple years now. I have always enjoyed working with this organization and be able to gain lots of exposure opportunities and be included in the group/ solo shows in Hong Kong and Serbia. I enjoy networking with lots of other artists and also see what other artists are creating.
As a professional art dealer who can sell work online very successfully, I value having a physical location and be able to "meet and greet" art collections in person as well. So, joining this White Box Studio is incredible useful and Ms. Jor is very easy and nice to work with.
This art exhibition was located at "Shek Kip Mei" that is in a school district in Hong Kong and it is accessible through the subway/ MTR station. The show was huge and we got lots of artwork both the courtyard, indoor gallery space, and the basement as well.
There are a range of amateur, to professional level artists who do installation art, ceramics, sculpture, Chinese paintings, to Western paintings. There is also a really nice coffee shop and Chinese Tea House near the exhibition for you to get coffee/ tea/ even dumplings after viewing the artwork. Lots of students, families, children, older seniors came to the show from the neighborhood. We all had a good time though the show only lasted for a weekend.
I will have another solo show this May, 2019 so I am actively preparing for the next solo show as well. More information will be provided later.

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How to get inspirations from art? Creating artwork that the market needs?

Art Inspirations

How to get inspirations from art? Creating artwork that the market needs?

My latest inspirations

How I find my art inspirations in the process of creating art forms that reflects the contemporary art world. Lately, I got invited to give an art talk at my high school by my high school art teacher. It's truly been a great honor to be invited to be a guest speaker. I honestly never thought I would have this kind of opportunity as I am still an emerging artist who is currently trying to make some art sales online. Honestly, I almost gave up on this site because sales were so slow and selling art is truly tough and not easy at all. I remember that I heard from an art gallery owner who used to tell me that "Art is easy to create, but very hard to sell." This is incredibly true, as you are selling something that people do not need so you need to sell them a story/ dream that they can attain if they buy your art and you also need to market and brand your work really really well enough that create that sense of urgency and that deep desire to buy. I was never a really good salesman so I researched a lot to try to learn what makes people say "yes", instead of a constant "no, no, no."

So, in order to prepare for this high school speech as a guest speaker,  I am trying to brainstorm here and think about what I could possibly share/ talk about with the entire school about my art journey that I wish someone would have told me earlier on in my art career onto how to sell art that the market needs and how to gain inspiration for your art. Ideally, you want to create artwork that speaks to you instead of only creating work that the market need. You need to find a happy medium between what you love to create and what the market desires. Because if you are not passionate about your own work, other people can see it too and no one will buy your art/ work.

So, what can you do?

1. Go to art openings such as the art walk/ first Fridays if I am in the United States. If I was in Hong Kong, I like to go to the Affordable Art Fair/ Art Basel/ Asian Contemporary Art Fairs. There are tons of different galleries and you can even meet and greet different artists during the private openings. Sometimes, you may also get free wine/ refreshments when you attend some art openings. You get to see some free art and learn what's trending in the art market and also meet a lot of interesting people who are potentially your new art collectors/ clients.

How about Social Media?

2. Go on to instagram/ pinterest/ facebook and see what's trending. Follow instagram tags in a certain niche and see if you find any artists' works you may like. Go onto pinterest, type in some keywords and see if you find anything you like. You can even discover some etsy shops that sell small paintings at highly affordable pricing from small independent artists. I also felt like I really wanted to buy and support small artists along the way. It's very tempting and you browse on pinterest for inspiration but it's also a marketing tactic to "trick" you into buying. There are also tons of facebook buy/sell groups that allow you to buy and sell artwork on facebook. Personally, I have never tried buying any artwork on those facebook groups but it certainly doesn't hurt to see what other artists are doing. The key is to master and watch all the youtube tutorials onto how to think long term and grow your social media presence. Sometimes, you may need to invest and pay more money to create effective marketing campaign with facebook ads and instagram ads. I am still learning every day onto the little tips and tricks onto how to grow a huge facebook/ instagram following. Their algorithms are always ever changing so you really need to step up your game and step up your game just to keep up with all the most recent changes.

Expand your online presence and sales channels.

3. Go onto your Etsy and see what other search terms people are searching for when they land on my page. Honestly, this is super super helpful and it also lets me know what's in demand in the art world right now. I felt that there are a lot of people looking for jewelry on Etsy so it's also very good if you are trying to sell art on Etsy as it's slightly less competitive than in the jewelry business. Growing a business is a slow progress that takes a long long time for it to mature. You can start an etsy shop and then wait 9 months till you get the first sale. Currently a lot of people are searching for the following items on my Etsy shop and these will become my next art creation project ideas.

What exactly are real people/ buyers searching for online from artists that creates work with tags like yours?

Search Terms/ keywords: (Enhance your Google SEO on Etsy/ shopify site)

  • Contemporary painting
  • Paris watercolor painting original
  • Cubist Painting
  • In Vase Painting
  • Green Eyes Cat
  • Ballet original painting
  • Teapot Painting
  • Acrylic home decor
  • Flower still life
  • Plant Painting
  • White Cat
  • Flower Decor
  • Architecture Painting
  • Painting of roses
  • Mount Rainier Wall Art
  • Flowers still life
  • Fruit still life
  • African
  • iPhone Case
  • Pine Tree Art
  • Original Hong Kong Art
  • Green Eyes
  • Lion Painting
  • Original watercolor painting
  • Dandelion painting
  • Painting Still Life
  • Still Life Prints
  • Cow Painting
  • Decor best gift
  • Gift Birthday
  • Contemporary Asian art
  • Cow painting original
  • Modern painting woman
  • White Flowers
  • Best gift for woman
  • White flower in vase
  • White flower bouquet
  • Plant pot
  • Decor gift
  • Still life
  • Art bright color
  • Colorful painting
  • Decor wall

To Sum Up:

There's a huge demand for contemporary Asian Art and that's something I can excel on as an Asian Artist. So, I am creating more Chinese Ink Work recently and will scan and create prints for your purchase here.

Most of my customers are female art collectors who are looking for home decor for women. (This shows my target audience)

And my target audiences tend to be looking for white cats (perhaps cat/ animal lovers), and still life flowers/ plant drawings. They also tend to like brightly colored modern contemporary art/ painting for their home decor/ home improvement projects on Etsy .

All you need to do is to continue to believe in yourself and your art and never ever ever give up. Never ever ever give up! Never give up! Really! Sometimes, it really can feel like no one was looking at your artwork when you shop is very slow and you really want to just give up on art all together. But don't ever lose your hope because if you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will. You got to be very passionate about your artwork for other people to be interested/ become passionate about your artwork as well. Last but not least, subscribe to our newsletters for freebies and promo codes and getting our latest art updates for exhibitions/ shows/ workshops...etc. Comment down below and let us know what art category do you love most from our work here for a chance to win a free art print NOW.

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