Group Exhibition of Artist Collaboration with Aries and Ken's Art Studios - 2017

Art Exhibition Group Show Hong Kong

2017 李振華*胡浚諺師生作品展

Group Exhibition of Artist Collaboration with Aries and Ken's Art Studios

This art exhibition was a fun collaboration with Aries and Ken who are two teachers who teaches Western and Chinese art respectively in Hong Kong. Alice later become a student of Ken in the Chinese Calligraphy tradition. You can also find many interesting YouTube videos on Chinese art during her study on Chinese paintings. 3 of Alice's architecture paintings were shown at the show and a lot of art viewers were deeply intrigued by Alice's architecture paintings.

Alice's paintings were very original as they depicted how Alice perceived Wanchai and Hong Kong. She created a mapping of Hong Kong and used oil paint to capture the details of the architectural landscape. Different shades of neutral black and grey colors were used.

"Wanchai Street Scene", Architecture Hong Kong Souvenir, Canvas Art Print, Made in USA

"Wanchai Street Scene", Architecture Hong Kong Souvenir, Canvas Art Print, Made in USA


Wanchai is located in Hong Kong while the Artist spent a considerable amount of time living. The image here is captured when the artist was walking along the Gloucester Road on her way back to Causeway Bay, Hong Kong while she was sitting on the tram in September, 2016. The word "Wanchai" means "small bay" in English and was the home to a lot of fishermen and it was also the British military base in the British Colonial period.

"Tram Interior Scene, Hong Kong", Framed photo paper poster, Made in USA


The tram of Hong Kong is a local symbol in the metropolis. It represents the lives of the Hong Kong locals during the British Colonial Era as well as the present.
They are double-deck trams, and the most affordable, convenient, and sustainable means of transportation in Hong Kong.
The artist drew this image to reminisce the childhood she had while living in Hong Kong. Although the tram is not air-conditioned, you can feel a cool breeze while sitting on the upper deck and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the cityscape away amidst all the chaos in the city.
  "Wong Chuk Hang Hong Kong", 24" x 36", oil on canvas, original art

"Wong Chuk Hang Hong Kong", 24" x 36", oil on canvas, original art


"Wong Chuk Hang Hong Kong", 24" x 36", oil on canvas, original art
This is an office home wall decor of a gray architectural pedestrian concrete bridge. This is an original painting for sale.
The artist captured this image while visiting an art studio in Hong Kong.
The art studio was located in the industrial and working-class area in Hong Kong and the artist was interested in the stoic, wabi-sabi idea. It is a kind of Japanese minimalist aesthetic idea that embraces the transient nature of life and our strive for imperfection in perfection. It is often the imperfections in life that makes life so beautiful. 

Group Exhibition of Artist Collaboration with Aries and Ken's Art Studios

The invitation card of this group art exhibition

Group Exhibition of Artist Collaboration with Aries and Ken's Art Studios

  • Date: March 3, 2017
  • Art Reception Time: 17:30
  • Teacher Studio Art Show
  • Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Center

 chinese art

Ken is a Chinese Art Painter/ Teacher in Hong Kong. You can see his work at this exhibition.

an exciting opening ceremony at the art exhibition

 An exciting art opening at the art exhibition.

speech art exhibition

A lot of art enthusiasts, curators, art lovers, students attended this opening ceremony at the HK cultural center.

 group photo art exhibition

This is a group photo of all the participants at the art exhibition.

art work

Three of Alice's Architecture Oil Paintings were shown at the exhibition.

 chinese art western art

A fusion of western and Chinese art could be found at this group exhibition. It's a well mix of the East and the West.

art exhibition hong kong

A lot of artists and art lovers attended this art reception. Lots of pictures were taken to document the art exhibition.

art exhibition hong kong

Another group photo of all the participants of this Hong Kong Art Show.

hong kong art exhibition

An overview of the art exhibition from the front desk. Lots of flowers were presented to congratulate the opening of this art exhibition.

hong kong art group exhibition

Teachers and students' work were shown at the walls at the HK cultural center.

hong kong art group exhibition

Lots of interesting conversations started at the show. People were admiring at all the beautiful Chinese calligraphy as well as the beautiful brush strokes of the oil paintings during the art exhibition.

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As promised, you can find some fun Chinese Art Tutorials from Ken's classes at the links below:


Fun Chinese Art Demo Chinese lotus painting class Chinese calligraphy tutorial Chinese calligraphy tutorial Chinese calligraphy tutorial demonstration Chinese calligraphy demonstration tutorial

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alice chan artist contemporary hong kong


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