Solo Art Exhibition - Flower Power at SPCC - Nov, 2018- Feb, 2019

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Solo Art Exhibition - Flower Power at SPCC Solo Art Exhibitions:


November 5, 2018 - Late February, 2019:

The Natural Awakening + Resilience of Mother Nature
Nov., 2018 - Feb., 2019
All School Day
Zhuyuetang Exhibition Gallery
St. Paul’s Co-educational College
33 MacDonnell Road, Hong Kong
fine art nature power of nature art exhibition alice chan art


Alice Chan is a SPCC Alumna currently living and working as an artist/ designer in Hong Kong. She is currently represented by Avenue West Gallery in Spokane, WA, USA. She had won numerous art awards and had shown her artwork both internationally and locally.

Born in Hong Kong, lived and worked in the United States for decades as an architectural designer in Seattle, WA, and New York City, NY. ALICE CHAN is a contemporary Asian artist who studied fine art and architecture in the United States, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Japan, China, Singapore, Portugal, Florence, and Rome.

Not only is Alice is a talented artist and designer, Alice is also an artist who has a great business acumen and delivers high value to all her art collectors worldwide. Alice’s main art collectors are art lovers who are located in the United States, Middle East, and Hong Kong.

alice chan art journey international art awards

This exhibition, “Flower Power - The Natural Awakening + Resilience of Mother Nature” is depicting the powerful regenerative power of nature. You will find natural elements such as wild animals, flowers, great leafy plants, and precious stones. Nature is self-healing. Nature has a highly intelligent energy force that is ever evolving to adapt to changes in the environment. This exhibition is for healing and empowerment. These paintings are created to calm down your senses, de stress, and to notice to beauty in the beauty of natural elements. The exhibition was created to inspire students to pursue their dreams and goals in areas they excel in. Alice will also offer free art workshops and give a motivational speech during morning assembly to inspire students to pursue and monetize their skill-sets and turn their passion into a lucrative career they can live on.

St. Paul's Co-educational College Alumna Exhibition

Alice will give a free 40 minute long impressionist rose flower demonstration at the art room during lunch time for all students who wish to improve their art skills. Her art exhibition will last from November, 2018 to Late February, 2019. at the main gallery space in the St. Paul's Co-educational College. Alice's lecture will be about "Finding your Passion/ Calling, and How to Discover A Career in Art and Design" during the morning assembly in front of the entire school on November 13, 2018 at 8:30 am.


Dear Students and Teachers,

Thank you for the opportunity to exhibit at your gallery. I had many good, and supportive teachers such as Miss Leung, my art teacher, who inspired me to pursue my passion and I was inspired to go on to realize my artistic talents and become a designer. There are many other teachers yet to be named in school that had inspired me to receive a very well-rounded education while I was in St. Paul's Co-educational College.

These artworks and paintings are created to allow students to appreciate the beauties of nature and to elevate their artistic minds. There is tremendous potential in the art world in Hong Kong for students to pursue careers in the world of art.

Students who love art and design can think of becoming an artist, a successful art dealer, owning a well-run art gallery, running an online art/ art supplies business to reach an international art platform. Also, students can also pursue a career in being in advertising, sales & marketing, fashion/ graphic design, interior design, architecture, photography, 3D animation, or stay in academia in the fine arts department and more. Notice that being about to sketch and draw is a highly in demand skill-set that a lot of companies are looking for.

Again, it has been an honor being able to stand on stage and share my art journey with you all. Hope this exhibition and morning speech can inspire many students to find their passion upon graduation and be able to live meaningful lives.


Alice Chan


If you missed that speech Alice gave on November 13, 2018, you can find the entire speech and presentation here down below.


St. Paul's Co-educational college alumna talk art exhibition alice chan

The topic of this art exhibition will be a continuation of the exhibition from the White Box Studio at the Hong Kong Jockey Creative Center. It will be about Flower Power. A solo Exhibition of the Natural Resilience and Awakening of Mother Nature.

St. Paul's Co-educational college alumna talk art exhibition alice chan

Don't forget to attend our free 40 min. long lunch time art tutorial of an impressionist rose flower demonstration. What you will get? You will receive a small but elegant and beautiful abstract rose flower drawing to bring home as your art inspiration. We will explore the scientific structure of the rose flower and the diversity of floral through different artistic interpretations from the balance between abstraction and photo-realism.
St. Paul's Co-educational college alumna talk art exhibition alice chan

Finally, Alice will give a full speech on November 13, 2018 at 8:30am at the Assembly Hall in front of the entire school. It's an open discussion onto how to find your passion. A prospective career in art and design. For those students who are struggling onto what to pursue in life after high school/ college, this lecture is for you. We will have an open panel discussion onto sharing some insights onto how to pursue a career with your keen eye in art and design skills.

If you missed that speech Alice gave on November 13, 2018, you can find the entire speech and presentation here down below.


award times square

More Pictures From The Art Show:

solo art exhibition alice chan art

Large exhibition poster made of canvas print at the school's gallery space.

unicorn art work alice chan art

My unicorn art at the school's gallery.floral series rose alice chan art Floral Series at the gallery

Entire gallery space

A view of the entire gallery space.

gallery art alice chan art

Landscape and Floral Paintings that were based on the theme of the Pacific Northwest in Seattle.

If you an alumni/ a school's visitor who came to our show and is interested in buying any of our work that are currently showing at the school, you may find affordable art prints and originals for your purchase here.

Below is "The Red Bricks" magazine, February 2019 Newsletter from SPCC.

hong kong alice chan artist contemporary fine art  solo art exhibition 2018-2019

Check out the latest SPCC catalog and be informed of all the exciting updates from the school.

hong kong alice chan artist contemporary fine art  solo art exhibition 2018-2019

Table of contents of the booklet.

hong kong alice chan artist contemporary fine art  solo art exhibition 2018-2019

Words from the principal.

hong kong alice chan artist contemporary fine art  solo art exhibition 2018-2019

Here comes the main part regarding the art workshop that the students enjoyed.

hong kong alice chan artist contemporary fine art  solo art exhibition 2018-2019

Alice's art workshop was being mentioned at the art catalog and the students were able to gain a lot of painting techniques and fine art knowledge from the workshop. Students were very happy that they gained a lot of technical skills from this quick 40 min. lunch break art demonstration and that all of them got a chance to pin up their work in front of the entire school after the art demonstration. During the workshop, Alice taught the students about the impressionist art style with heavy coat of acrylic on mounted canvas. 

art workshop spcc alice chan floral art class

Alice presented a beautiful french bouquet with different colors of pink roses and she held a quick painting demonstration for around 10 students during their lunch break. Many of the students were new to acrylic painting on canvas, so it was an eye-opening class for many. Many students are very talented in the arts so students were able to grasp key concepts quickly. We tested different backgrounds with the flowers. In the end, all of us enjoyed what we created as a final product and we all created a timeless piece of painting that we wish to cherish for a long time.

architecture art

BUY: Architecture Art Series

Here you will find all the architecture paintings that were mentioned in the school speech and also a couple of the images from the booklet from the exhibition.

abstract art

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You will find a collection of abstract art work that were shown at the SPCC exhibition hall currently from this link. These art prints make excellent home wall decor for your living space.

 wildlife parrot art BUY: Wildlife Art Series

You will find delightful animal wildlife artwork from this series. Birds, bears, dogs, and cat portraits are also available upon request.

landscape art

BUY: Landscape Art Series

Here you will find the artist's signature mountain artwork that are being inspired by living in the Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Washington.

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