White Box Friends Exhibition in Modern Gallery of Art in Serbia - 2018

Art Exhibition Group Show

White Box Friends Exhibition in Modern Gallery of Art in Serbia

  • Капи | 點滴 | Drop
  • The Gallery of Modern Arts
  • Trg Velijka Dugoševića 30
  • Kučevo, Republic of Serbia
  • 10 - 26 September 2018

White Box Friends Exhibition in Modern Gallery of Art in Serbia

A brochure was created to document the artworks of all the participating Hong Kong Artists who participated in this art show in the Gallery of Modern Art in Serbia.

You can find more information on this show here.


White Box Friends Exhibition in Modern Gallery of Art in Serbia

Name of Show: "Drops" Art Exhibition

Date: September 10 - September 26, 2018

art exhibition newspaper online news press release

This is an online press release on an online forum in Serbia

More press release serbia art exhibition

Press Release

 drops art work acrylic abstract

The artist sent this painting to be shown in Serbia.

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Raindrops 2/3 Designer Abstract Artistic Dotted Art Print Poster, Made in the USA

This is a beautiful dotted abstract art painting of falling raindrops.The artist is heavily influenced by the Japanese aesthetics of Yayoi Kusama and Alice created this art piece after seeing Kusama's show at Art Basel in Hong Kong. The repetitive brushstrokes of multiple dots shows the falling natural movement of the raindrops and it is a vivid and beautiful poetic imaginary. A statement in any room. These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable, archival paper.

abstract art acrylic

This is a series of 2 abstract artwork that the artist created for the art exhibition

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"Raindrops 1/3", Abstract Art Print Poster, Made in USA

The artist was heavily influenced by Yayoi Kusama's abstract work and this painting was inspired by the famous Japanese artist's abstract work. The original of this painting was respectively displayed at a major gallery/ museum in Serbia in 2018 and in Hong Kong Jockey Club Creative Art Center in 2018. The painting records the repetitive motion of the raindrops from nature and it also is a sign of nature's force and beauty. It is a perfect contemporary room decor for your living, dining, or office space. A statement in any room. These matte, museum-quality posters are printed on durable, archival paper. This art print is printed and made in the USA.drops alice chan abstract work serbia

A page was dedicated to document Alice's work for this show in Serbia.

art show exhibition

Right: 2 drops paintings were shown at the exhibition.

drops abstract art work alice chan serbia gallery of modern art

A close up of both paintings at the walls of the gallery space. You can see how the transitions of the vibrant colors play an important role in this abstract art series.

gallery of modern art alice chan abstract art serbia

Two of Alice's abstract artwork can be found at the center of the gallery space.

gallery of modern art alice chan abstract art serbia

This is a full view of all the art work at the gallery space.

white box friends art

Here are more pictures from the White Box Studio. Image Credit: White Box Studio

white box friends studio serbia exhibition

Again, more information can be retrieved at the White Box Studio's Website.


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 alice chan artist contemporary hong kong


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